Friday, November 30, 2012

Israel at War

Israel At War is an extremely timely book. As I was reading it the events were literally unfolding on the national news.

Certainly things are heating up in Israel. As a messianic, Torah Observant Believer in Yeshua, this reality has me alarmed. As an American I have been drawn to my knees frequently that we would be the ally that we claim to be.

Joel Rosenberg gives a great inside perspective of what might be expected if the threat of nuclear warfare is not neutralized soon.

My favorite aspect of this book is how it puts a personality on Netanyahu. I didn't really know much about him and this book gave me a  great respect for him and his leadership.

I also appreciated Rosenberg's inserts about the relationship between Romney and Netanyahu. This is information that I had not heard before. I liked feeling aware and having this extra knowledge about their previous relationship warmed me to Romney a bit, however,given the timing (just prior to the elections) at times it felt a bit like propaganda.

I wondered at times if he was simply restating the obvious or extremely perceptive since so much of the content was general knowledge that was happening in live time or on the verge of happening.

The book bounced a bit between time periods and was not always chronological or easy to follow. There was a bit of restating but I think that was probably more for emphasis.

When I began reading this book I new nothing about the Twelfth Imam. Israel at War educated me as it will any reader.

Are you wondering how you can help Israel? So was I.

Here is one brief excerpt that jumped at me:

"The most important thing is to tell the truth." Netanyahu replied. "There is a campaign of lies against us . . .It is important to get the facts straight. The facts do count. The facts should be spoken and written loud and clear by friends of Israel."
It was an intriguing answer, I thought. Netanyahu did not ask for funds. He did not ask for Americans to call the White House or their representatives in Congress and urge them to provide political support or increased military assistance for Israel. Nor did he ask for humanitarian aid, either from the U.S. government or through Jewish and Christian relief organizations. Rather, he asked us to counter the "campaign of lies" against the Jewish people, to accurately explain the truth about the enemy Israel faced . . . 

If you are wanting to better understand this crisis and the threat that builds in Israel everyday, Israel at War is definitely worth reading.

You can order your copy at Amazon or Barnes&Noble. $2.99 is a great price!

I received a free from Tyndale Publishing House in exchange for my honest review.

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