Monday, November 19, 2012

Musing Monday Nov.19

Today's Question is: 
Do you read the ending before you start a book? Do you ever skip ahead to read the ending?

Wonderful question if you aren't a writer and don't believe in honesty. Unfortunately, I am and I do. 
Here it goes: My confession . . .
I never read the last page ahead. But, yes, I do sometimes peek near the ending to see if a book will keep my attention until the end. I wouldn't actually call it reading though. I skim a little, just enough to get a feel for the plot and that it continues beyond the middle. No, really. It's the truth. That isn't just guilt talking.

When selecting a book I want to read, I read the first three pages before committing to the entire book. If I'm bored reading three pages I don't want to go any further. I guess I'm picky. A book has to grip me in a short amount of time to keep me reading. 

Sometimes the writing is beautiful so I keep reading even if the plot or characters aren't really developed in those first three chapters. You can spot a writer who loves language early on. I prefer authors who paint a picture with vivid descriptions and an abundance of classy adjectives. I also appreciate authors who pull me in with witty dialogue that makes me part of the story (a fly on the wall) from the start.

The last page is sort of sacred. I try to peak close to it but not at it and never for long. I treat it like staring at the sun. 

Then I return to the beginning and read all the way through. I don't skip pages. I used to do that in elementary school and still remember teachers catching me jumping ahead and missing important details that always seemed to end up on a test. If it's worth reading, I want to read all of it.

That's me. What about you? Come on, confess . . .you peek too don't you? You can tell me. I won't judge.

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  1. NO, no, no...I never read the ending except for one reason only. However, I do look at the number of pages in the book, but never how the book ends.

  2. Never? I agree,the page number gets a glance too. Thanks for visiting Gigi. :)