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I'm currently working on my second novel, The Lemonade Stand.

SILVIA COVINGTON  is out of her element. It all started when her neighbor announced her pregnancy and stirred up her mothering juices. Now she can’t help herself.  Her running dialogue with God about the spiritual state of her now grown children becomes all consuming, fueled by the little one across the street who grows far too quickly.  Suddenly, Silvia’s goal of restoring her children to their Christian faith and to maturity takes on new urgency.

The problem:  some people aren’t so easy to change, including Silvia.  She’s about to learn that spiritual maturity isn’t marked by the increase of grey hairs, and isn’t a promise. Maturity is a lemon.

What will it take for her to find the vibrant beauty in each moment?

Will she slow down to enjoy the sweet aroma of every answered prayer?
Can she endure the sour pucker of growth that can change the heart? 

Stay tuned.

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