I had a true honor and privilege to work with Carisa and Jolanthe of Totally Tots through an article titled Get Real With God. Life pulled me off to other things but they continue to minister to mothers of toddlers through their award winning site. Stop by and see.

For my reader's convenience I've pulled all the links to the specific devotions I wrote and placed them below. Be blessed!

The Little Red Hen
Huff and Puff
Cookie Cutter Kids
Who's Your Grandma?
When the Swan Returns
Paving the Way
Don't Rush . . .
Wear Your Helmet
Sharing What You Love
The Christmas Rosettes
Trading Love
Dinosaurs: A Lesson in Variety
Just a Piece of the Picture
The Urge to Protect
Like a Bee
The Smallest Ones in the Jungle
Bent By Love: Lessons From A Rainbow
Learn to Purr
A Message of Love
Like Snow
High & Lifted Up
When My Head is Spinning
Safe on the Slide
Can You Hear Me Now?
On the Level
Waltz in A major
The Mom Verb
Knit Wit