Messianic Life

My family and I began attending a Messianic congregation 2 years ago. Even now, I'm really just beginning my T.O.B.Y. journey. I am passionate, enthusiastic and eager to learn all I can about His word. This page is basically a link list of any resources I find in my journey.

1. This is my congregation. They post videos from teachings occasionally. 
2. B'nai Torah Ministries ~ a Torah based ministry to children (my husband)
3. My husband's blog. his focus is the Haftarah teaching.
4. This is Robbie's Blog (he's a member of my congregation).
5. More great blogs I enjoy: Blessed, Torah School, The Home Truth, Tallit Ministries
6. About Torah
7. Online Teachings at The Hebraic Roots Network
8. Messianic Covenant Community
9. New Jerusalem Gifts
10. Scribe and Scroll
11. Union of Two House Messianic Congregations 
12. Wisdom in Torah

13. Yashanet  
14. EliYah
15. Blue Letter Bible
16. BibleStudyTools
17. Bible Interact
18. Millenium 7000 Communications

19. ConfrontNation
20. Shoreshim Ministries

21. Haftarah, Will Travel Blog
22. Lion and Lamb
23. Wild Branch Ministries

24. Tree of Life Messianic Congregation
25. LAMB Fellowship
26. Restoration of Torah
27. Rabbi Trails Blog

28. Online Group for women

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