About Me

How do I sum myself up?
Well, I'm a complex chick. That's why I have so many tabs on this blog. I have a whole lot of stuff going on in my head. Some of it comes out through my writing, some through art and some through conversations with my husband or children.

I'm a stay at home mommy to four children. I'd tell you about them but they change so quick you'd get dizzy listening. I homeschool them all which is a blessing at best and an act of obedience at worst.

I'm a former Pastor's wife and a Christian writer who stepped into the "Hebrew Roots" movement and came out shaking my head at all the stuff I thought I knew and missed. My family is now Torah Observant. We worship on Saturdays, we don't eat pork, we celebrate the feasts and even gave up Christmas and Easter. I cover my hair too, but not because I have to. I choose to as an act of modesty. All these things were changes in my life, in the way I think and act. They effect how my writing translates and the direction I want to take it in. The cool thing is that while I have been pouring into His word and learning, He has stayed the same. Whether I called him Jesus or Yeshua He has never changed. He is my father, pure and simple. So . . .I'm not "Jewish", but I'm Jew-ish. I'm not a traditional Sunday-going "Christian" but my faith in God and his Son will never waver. I'm a work in progress. Aren't we all?

I'm interested in learning more about history, herbal remedies and organic living. I have a child with special needs who requires a lot of attention and advocacy and I study on these topics whenever I get the chance.

I currently work from home as CEO of Christian Women Affiliate.

I have a dog, a cat, two kittens and a frog but what I really want is a sugar glider.

My hobbies include trading mail art, writing, reading, blogging, and Davidic dance. 

See, I'm hard to sum up.

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