Thursday, November 29, 2012

Coming Soon: Sweet Tea Sunday

Watch for it . . .
I am in the process of creating a Sunday Meme featuring my love for tea.
I will be hosting a tea party with my kiddos each Sunday and inviting my readers to participate too by sharing pictures of their own tea party fun and writing about what's in their cup.

I'm hoping that this will be not only a special time to build my relationship with my kids, but also a time to meet some interesting new people and explore some fun new blogs.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates coming soon. 
I've never hosted a meme before so I have a learning curve to overcome.

In the meantime:
Here is a picture of my FAVORITE tea. It is only available in stores around the holidays. My local grocer needs to get with it and stock some soon or I'll be buying online.

What's your favorite tea?

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