Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 20: Top Ten Tuesday

November 20: Top Ten Books/Authors I'm Thankful For:

1. Robin Jones Gunn ~ I was introduced to this super cool author when I was 11. Christy Miller was my example for all things teen. What a fantastic role model! Robin's the chick that made me fall in love with reading and want to grow up and become an author.
2. Rene Gutteridge ~ Her amazing unique writing style captures me. Her stories always cross genre and tease you to try something new. Her messages are rich. Oh . . .and I've met her in person. She speaks as well as she writes. Double threat. The Boo series is awesome!
3. Charlotte Bronte ~ She was the first author I studied like a mad person. Her writing is beyond her time. The dark beauty of her writing intrigues me so much. Besides, how hard would it be to hold your own in a family of authors? I like her unfinished novels best.
4. Louisa May Alcott ~ Edgy, real and fabulously feminine. Her range of storytelling is broad and compelling. I love everything from Little Women to her unknown thrillers. Her writing evolves.

5. Maeve Binchy ~ Ode to Ireland. Her books are the largest I've read and the hardest to put down. She wove a story like no one else. Her themes are universal and yet deep. I especially love London Transports and The Glass Lake.  
6. Helen Fielding ~ Who doesn't love Bridget Jones Diary? When it comes to pushing a character out of their comfort zone, Helen Fielding is the most hilarious, real and creative. 
7. Harper Lee ~ To Kill a Mockingbird is my favorite book so I have to include this in my top ten. This book has every form of drama a reader could want.
8. C.S. Lewis ~ Dreamy fantasy settings with a moral aim and deep insightful religious non fiction. His writing runs the gamut and comes out sparkling.
9. David BiebelIf God is so Good, Why do I hurt so bad? touched me at my lowest point. Not to be too dramatic but this book (along with the Bible) kept me alive. I could not recommend a better book for anyone battling disappointments and tackling this life altering question.

  10. Kristen Billerbeck ~ Charm and wit, Christian and totally chick lit. Love it!

Stop by next week to learn my Top Ten Most Anticipated Books For 2013!

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