Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sweet Tea Sunday: Winter Tea

It's Sweet Tea Sunday and I'm getting a late start. My head is yucky today so I won't be in any pictures. I'm still in my pjs. You do not want to see that. :)

Okay, so today's tea featured 
Homeschool Mommies: this is a great time to teach your children about this helpful herb. 
I recommend Herbal Roots Zine. This is a back issue from 2010 and costs only $7.99.

Chamomile is super calming and the aroma is so smooth. It's a lighter tea in color but don't let that fool you, It's a very filling drink. I could only do one cup this time.

I also served small tea sandwiches along with a small bowl of Easy Chocolate Pudding 
(a recipe from Marlena at 
The recipe features avacado, water, cocoa powder and NuNaturals Vanilla NuStevia Liquid.
I am reviewing several products from NuNaturals on behalf of the CWA Review Crew. I am so impressed with the flavor and quality. No after taste and just enough sweetness to curb my craving equals perfection!

I was in the mood for adventure so I also made Avacodo Lemon Pear Mousse 
(This recipe from Selah at
for the kids who preferred sour to sweet.

This recipe featured avocado, pear, lemon juice and NuNaturals Lemon NuStevia Liquid.

Though it wasn't the prettiest to look at, I preferred this second dessert over the first. It had a perfect balance of sour and sweet and I'd actually take it over lemon merangue pie.

So the kids, I bet you wonder what they thought. 
Well, they tried both desserts and voted.
 Chloe and Caibry liked both and I could force a decision out of them. 
Nevie like the lemon and Sadie preferred Chocolate. 
All agreed the tea was not a favorite. I thought it was great, but then I was banking on the relaxing effects.

So now it's your turn, what did you do for Sweet Tea Sunday?

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