Monday, December 10, 2012

Blue Monday #3: Sentiment

I'm not sure if my parents were dating or married at the time (I believe just dating). In any case, my car fixin' teenage dad decided to take on an unlikely project. He began making my mother a quilt. He used bits of the families old clothing and, I assume a pattern, of some sort. He had no thoughts of me when he sewed the pieces together. I wasn't even a twinkle in my mother's eye. Yet, what he created was a beautiful blanket that would someday wrap me in love when his arms couldn't.

My parents married (after all, who could turn down a guy who makes you a quilt?).  
Eventually I became a thought. A breathing, cooing thought.
I was three months old my dad went out for a ride with friends and didn't come back.
One of his friends had been drinking and so had the couple they hit.
My dad was the only fatality.

It's winter time and I'm keenly aware of the increase of alcohol at Holiday parties especially as we draw closer to a new year. 

Please be aware that one moment, one careless decision can steal everything. 
Choose wisely.

Okay, Public Service Announcement over.

Want to see what my daddy made 30+ years ago? Keep in mind it's now dry rotted and we have cut it into squares to display behind glass and store away for my children. 

A beautiful sentiment in Blue.


  1. I like your Public Service Announcement, and I hope that all who read it will refrain from drinking and driving. Thanks for sharing.

    Your father's quilt is blue-tiful!

    Happy 1st Blue Monday, Heather.

  2. What wonderful post filled with memories and treasures. The news is full of accidents like this everyday. Sorry one of them had to be your dad.

  3. Thank's for sharing.. That is one beautiful quilt despite of being 30+ years old..

    Visited from Blue Monday- hope you can stop by..

  4. What a beautiful keepsake, you must be very proud of your dad!

    I know it's Friday already but I don't want to miss the BLUE entries so here I am.

    Hope you can also comment on my my BLUE post