Monday, January 21, 2013

The Sweet Taste of NuNaturals

Recently I have had the delicious pleasure of trying out a few of NuStevia's products.

I received: 

Pure Liquid™ Lemon NuStevia™Alcohol Free Glass Bottle 2 oz

I am a busy mom. Honestly, I understand the importance of eating healthy and finding sugar free alternatives, I'm just not that great about taking the steps toward accomplishing that goal in my home. That's why this little experiment was a stretch, albeit an exciting one, for my family.

Maybe you remember our Sweet Tea Sunday entry when we whipped up these healthy variations on pudding:
 Both contained a Pure Liquid flavor and healthy ingredients that made a refreshing and satisfying snack.

I tried the Lemon and Orange flavors in water, just a few drops to add some taste. I really hate water and this is a low calorie way to get me hydrated. This thirst quencher is a much healthier alternative than koolaid, gatoraid and various sports drinks. There is no bitter aftertaste which is wonderful.  Just be careful to only drop a tiny amount in. Too much is just yucky in water.  Add some fruit to the water too and it is fantastic.

Now, I know that NuNaturals will probably shake their head in disappointment at me, but I also found an unhealthy, but practical party drink for special occasions. On birthdays I have been known to offer the kids soda pop. Their favorite is orange pop. Now imagine four energetic and often clumsy kids with glasses of orange soda and you'll quickly see the problem I run into. Orange pop stains. Okay, but drop a few drops of orange flavored stevia liquid into your sprite and instant invisible orange pop.  Like I said, not healthy, but all the crazy moms like me out there are understanding the miracle in this.

Alright, seriously, NuNaturals products are smart and tasty alternatives for those of us who suffer with a sweet tooth (or twenty). You get a non-bitter sugar-free sweetness with no added calories, no cancer risks, no alcohol or other commonly sensitive chemicals and NO GUILT.

For my tastes the peppermint was a little too strong. The smell was intense. I'm not really a peppermint person though. I preferred the orange and lemon which smell identical to the fruit and taste mild but balanced.   

Vanilla is great for cooking! 

The white stevia powder was pretty good in iced tea. I actually couldn't taste a difference between this and regular sugar sweet tea. That's saying something.

NuNaturals supports it's customers by supplying tons of delicious recipes featuring their products. Sort through all the delectable recipes Here.

My favorite product by far was the PreBiotic Blend. This product uses Tagatose as a natural sweetner that is produced from milk. It doesn't have any affect on blood sugar so diabetics and hypaglocymic individuals can enjoy it without consequences. I actually loved the flavor more than sugar.

During my trial of NuNaturals products I discovered my new favorite snack: Homemade Graham Crackers. The recipe uses agave nectar, the PreBiotic and flax seed, not exactly ingredients I thought I'd swoon for, however, the smell is pure heaven and the taste magnificent.

Want something extra yummy? Empty a can or jar of sugar free pie filling into a pan. Mix up the Graham crackers and crumble it over top of pie filling and bake. You'll have a super yummy sugar-free cobbler in minutes.

The kids eat it up. That was the most surprising and satisfying discovery. My children love healthy foods when laced with NuNatural's scrumptiously sweet flavors. They ate an avacado pudding for Pete's sake!  

NuNaturals get's high acclaim in my house and I'm sure it will in yours too. Stop by their website to order yours.

And . . .watch for new flavors. NuNaturals isn't content with their massive product line, they are always developing something new to outdo themselves. For example, their Pure Liquid™ Chocolate NuStevia™
I would also love to try their Cinnamon Powder. I'm sort of a cinnamon nut.

Their Extra Energy Supplement looks worth trying too.

There you have it. You are now "in the know". Busy moms let's do better and offer our children the sweetness of health with NuNatural's products.

As a member of the CWA Review Crew, I received my NuNatural's products for free in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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