Monday, January 14, 2013

Yay! FREEBIES- Chapstick Purse Templates

Anyone who know me in "real life" has seen my passion for red lipstick. It just makes me smile. The redder the better.

However, underneath that bold popping color is always a lip balm of some kind.  My personal favorite lip balm is Tuti Fruti by Kid Acres Soap Shoppe. As far as I can tell they do not have a website, but you can probably email her ( to order.  My grandma picked me up a bunch of lip balm from her in various flavors.   Each flavor or scent is very subtle and super soft on the lips. This is important to me as scents can trigger migraine very quickly for me, especially on my face or close to my nose. Kid Acres Lip Balm is just right. The tubes last a long time too.

Are you wondering yet why I am mentioning lip balm on this blog? Especially when this isn't even a review product. No, I haven't lost my marbles.

I have a freebie to share! Woot!

As a Share The Memories Affiliate I get sent random goodies to share with my followers.  What could be more fun, right?

This month we have super cute chapstick purses.
They suggest using them for valentines, party favors or a little girl's purse. I assure you that my creativity will not stop there.

What about using them as a per-hospital gift for a mom-to be?
Sucking ice during labor chaps up lips so quickly, a simple tube of chapstick tucked in this little purse make a thoughtful gift.  You could tuck a few tissues in there too.

You could use it to hold a solid perfume, a small lotion sample or even a travel size shampoo.

To nervous to hand a tube of chapstick to your little girl? Me too. Stray chap sticks have ruined many of my favorite articles of clothing as they've melted in the dryer.  There is no telling what a creative 2 year old could accomplish with 2 minutes alone with a tube of the stuff!

In that case consider using a wooden clothes pin to make a dolly for the little girl to carry in her purse instead. Google clothespin dolls and you will be full of adorable ideas for a hands on project with your little one.

With a little extra crafting you could attach a little note book inside and use the chapstick space for a small chubby pen. I love my pens chubby.

Okay . . .enough chit chat. Here they are:


The FREE online tutorial can be found at
These are only available free until January 28th so don't wait!

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