Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Waterproof Bible~ A Review

Have you ever heard of a Waterproof Bible? I hadn't.

Why would anyone need a Waterproof Bible?
Imagine you are camping out and it starts to rain, you want to stay faithful to your daily devotions, but can't risk damaging those thin rice paper pages that curl and stick together then bleed and destroy the page. You miss your devotion.

Imagine you have four little kids (like me) and the only privacy you get in the day is behind the closed bathroom door. You know that if you begin your Bible reading out in public you will re-read the same sentence eight times over the sounds of bickering and baby voices. Whatever bits you retain are miracles. You'd love to read your Bible in the tub but you've tried it before and it was a massive bummer. The corners of the pages are still marked from your wet thumbs.

Back to those adorable kiddos. They mean well, but their new fascination with coloring has covered every surface of your home. Now it's on your Bible. Their name written large (and backwards) in red marker now fills the cover. You try to remove it but to no avail. You try to convince yourself that it will be a memento of their childhood, but it still eats at you.

What do you need? The Waterproof Bible by Bardin & Marsee Publishing.

This bible is so durable it even survived a trip through my dishwasher! It doesn't balk at rain, pages never stick, tear, bend or bleed. It is perfect for the bathtub and even floats! I challenge a child to scribble in this book. Their artwork just rinses right off (you may need to use your nail if they used crayon).

I was extremely impressed with this Bible and excited to take it with me places my Bible usually doesn't go.

Imagine the witness when you are sweating on it in the gym or reading it in a hotel pool. People ask about it and it opens doors to talk about our greatest love, God.

Are you a note taker? One of those people who likes to highlight and write in your bible? You can still do that. Just use a dry highlighter.

For this review I requested the NLT version with the New Testament and Psalm and Proverbs (priced at $24.95). I'd like to purchase one with the entire bible (Old and New Testaments) too.

You never know when we may be in survival issues or a location that the standard Bible isn't suitable. Now we have no excuse for leaving God's Word behind. The Waterproof Bible is our solution.

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