Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spanish for You!

As a member of Mosaic Reviews I was blessed with the opportunity to review Spanish for You.

My family received the digital edition of Estaciones (Seasons)

Everything included in the package centers on the theme of Seasons. 

Spanish for You has three themes to choose from: TravelsCelebrations and Seasons.

The PDF files I received included:
  • Flash cards (see their post on how to use and store flash cards here)
  • Activity pictures
  • The Lesson Guide (mine contained 26 lessons)
  • Self-checking worksheets arranged by grade level
  • Audio files of the entire book 
  • Plus, an ebook
Spanish for You is geared towards 3rd-8th grade students. My children are in Kindergarten, Second Grade, Third Grade and Sixth grade. 

Once I received my materials (valued at only $64.95) I began downloading and printing materials. Since we were all learning the language for the first time and we do most of our work as a family anyway, I have decided to work mostly with the Grade 3-4 Lesson Guide which provides a guideline for 26 weeks of study. You can do multiple grades at once if you desire. 

We are enjoying working with the audios which are extremely helpful. Debbie Annett, the creator of Spanish for You, is not a native speaker and this makes her pronunciation much easier to hear and helps beginners like us distinguish the sounds so we can repeat and practice them together.  I think this is my favorite aspect of the curriculum because it takes the fear away from learning a new language because I don't have to figure out the words around a thick accent.

Another big draw for me was that it includes assignments to look at, draw or write words as they learn them. This is all done in Spanish of course which emphasizes knowledge and recognition of the verb command and the new word plus gives a hands on approach that my squirmy children really need.

The illustrations in Spanish for You are done by the creator's daughter. They are the basic, simple, drawings of a child that add a friendly feel for children using the materials. They immediately recognize the drawings of a fellow child and feel more confidence proceeding with the materials. The added benefit of using these basic illustrations was that it keeps the cost of producing the curriculum very low. I mean, $65 for an entire year's worth of language study is exceptional.

In my opinion,Spanish for You is an extremely accessible, affordable and educational beginner-friendly Spanish curriculum.

I'm happy to recommend Spanish for You to any parent wishing to expand their child's foreign language experience in an easy and fun way.

You can see examples of the curriculum here.

View free worksheets and mini lessons.  

You have to appreciate a curriculum that strives to create both affordable and quality materials. I sure do.


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