Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Tiger Sized Rant!

I need to rant and after all, this is my Unashamed Diary, right? If I can't rant here where can I?

This is actually a review that I attempted to post online for Tiger Mini Storage located in Coweta, Oklahoma. Unfortunately, they only permit written reviews when followed with a four star rating or higher it seems. My one star shows up see:

but what I wrote isn't visible.I guess they think a review is only worth reading if it's glowing. I disagree, so here it is . . .

Unprofessional to say the least.

My mother has a unit and has received calls twice a month about her payments. He calls well before she's due. I just went through my caller ID and this guy has called four times in the last month! It's to the point that we refer to him as her stalker. He's seriously obsessed with getting payments.
My mom has been late once and when he called we went up and paid it for her. We have not let her fall behind.

Last month she called and told him she would need to be late and made arrangements with him. He seems to have forgotten as he's called multiple times this month already.

When she made her account she gave two numbers hers and mine. I have no clue why but he consistently calls mine. It;s bordering on harassment.

Today he called.
I answered "Hello" and he said is this _____ ________ I said no it's (my name). 
He said "Well I want to talk to ______ ______!" with a completely rude tone.
I said "Sorry, she's at work" (Where she usually is. Between her hours and their limited time open it;s a wonder he s ever been paid at all).
He said "I'm from Tiger Mini Storage and I m looking for payment" . 
I said "I'll let her know". 
Then he got real sharp with me and said "Look, I've left messages before and I don't hear back" (funny, we tried calling 5 minutes after his harassing call and he'd closed up shop). "How do I know you even give the message?"
I said  "I guess you don't. Okay, so let me get this right, you are calling my home calling me a liar? I do give her messages, but I m not your creditor! If you want to talk to her perhaps you should call her number instead of mine!

To which he said "You're quite the smart ass aren't you?" and hung up.


I called my husband immediately and asked him to go pay the jerk. He was only a block away.  Guess what? They were closed.

So how do you expect to run a storage unit when your office is only open when people are working? 
It's simply impractical to think that people will leave their paying jobs to come make a payment. 

Yes, they do have a drop box, but with such unprofessional business tactics who would consider leaving one there?  Not me.

So yes, we are making room in the garage. Tiger Mini, you just lost a customer.

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