Sunday, March 3, 2013

TRIP: Coming In For A Landing

Currently Child #2 has just wrapped up lesson 19. Since the last post his interest has picked back up. I have found his speed improving as well as his focus. I think perhaps week 14 was the hardest for him. He must have just had a bad focus week. 

Since then he has enjoyed the pace a lot better. I think hitting lesson 15 was something he saw as a big accomplishment and after that his motivation has been climbing. As soon as the Flashing practice A switched from being a combination of letters and numbers to straight words, he relaxed.

I think the words require less focus for him than XR, C9 etc. I'm not really sure why that is. Maybe because book means something where XR has no meaning or combined sound to express to himself as he writes.

I have slowed things down with Child #3. She is on lesson 13 now. I really believe there are issues with her reading that go deeper than comprehension. She has begun to complain that letters bounce on the page as well.

After the final post is up and some of the pressure is off of her, I may try child #4 more consistently and even allow her to do the flash practice (the highlight of TRIP to my children).

If you missed my early posts on TRIP  you can find post 1 here, post 2 here, and post 3 here.  Look for my final thoughts on the TRIP program tomorrow and check out more opinions from fellow CWA reviewers.

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