Monday, March 4, 2013

Final Thoughts on the TRIP Reading Program

If you missed my early posts on TRIP  you can find post 1 herepost 2 here, and post 3 here.


Trip has been a very beneficial program for my family. Key benefits for my family included:
  • TRIP promotes an increased concentration related to the task of reading.
  • TRIP exposes reading issues parents may have previously been unaware of.
  • The flash practices included in the TRIP program include a natural motivational of self-racing which enhances pride as skills develop and reading improves.
  • Reading will improve, as will writing, spelling, focus and comprehension.
After my third post I took the time to examine the TRIP website and accompanying blog. There is a lot there for parents and teachers alike.

The price of TRIP is probably the best deal you will find for anything comparable. 

For only $19.99, you  will receive 20 lessons on DVD plus the teaching tutorial.

You can order your DVD at

I am a member of The CWA Review Crew. I received my copy of TRIP free in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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