Friday, February 1, 2013

TRIP In Action

Back on January 21st I gave you a little glimpse at why we decided to try T.r.i.p (Targeted Reading Improvement Program). This time I want to share some things I've noticed on our journey so far.

At this point Child #1 is off reading independently (she is on her own reading journey). Child #2 is on lesson 9,  Child #3 is on lesson 6 and Child #4 is on lesson 4.

With Child #2: I have noticed that his speed has increased and his focus has improved. There are three speeds available for the flash practice function of the program, beginner, intermediate and advanced. In the beginning of our journey we started him at the beginner level and he was frequently struggling to see the words and process the information at that speed. As the lessons have progressed his confidence has built and he is beginning to comprehend that reading requires dedicated focus. He has trained his brain to concentrate and observe. Now he is able to comfortably do lessons at the intermediate speed. I have noticed that his spelling confidence is increasing as much as his reading confidence. Trip is proving a nice success with this child so far.

With Child #3: She struggles with her attention more than the others (though Child #1 and 2 also have ADHD). She is not able to take medication for her ADHD because it makes her extremely sad and changes the joyful personality that we treasure in her.  As a result the flash practice often results in tears. She simply cannot focus her mind, even at the slowest speed. Reading is just so frustrating for her. Her improvements are much more subtle than her brother. I have noticed her comprehension improving and her listening skills are improving. She often copies numbers and letters in the lesson backwards or not as directed (left to right, top to bottom). Again, it requires so much of her attention that she becomes overwhelmed easily. Her favorite portion of the lesson is the story card. There is a section that partially spells out words on her word list and asks her to use logic and reason to complete the word. She loves that part and feels proud when she can correctly answer it. She will require some patience and consistency with the program, but I expect to see her reading skills develop as a result.

With Child #4: She is my youngest and a new reader. For her Trip lesson I work primarily with the word lists. We focus on reading and recognizing the words, especially the sight based words with no phonetic cues. She is begging to do the flash practice, but her writing is so new that I'm a little leery of putting that pressure on her. I want her pleasure in reading to continue so I am taking baby steps on her journey. I'll continue to introduce words lists and read story cards with her. When her writing improves I will implement the flash practice.

If you want to know more about TRIP and view a video of the program in action you can do that at

My updates of our journey will continue . . . Stay Tuned!

I am a member of The CWA Review Crew. I received my copy of TRIP free in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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