Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finding Faith In the City Care Forgot

Have you ever found yourself taken off guard and completely stunned by how powerful and eloquent a writer can be?

That was me today.

I was sitting in the dentist office this morning waiting for two of my kids to get their teeth cleaned. I pulled out my kindle and searched for something to read.

Finding Faith just seemed to speak to me today so I opened it up and started reading.

I could not stop!

Teen Myers is creatively journalistic. Her depiction of a story is so layered and completely profound. From the introduction it's very clear that this author has done her homework and mastered her craft.

Finding Faith in the City Care Forgot is a mix of faith stories from believers and personal interviews with people on both sides of the faith debate.

I would love to have lunch with Teena Myers. Her thoughtful approach to faith and her intelligent perspective is very inspiring.

I loved the story of Jeremy Quintini the missionary who fulfilled a prophesy just by being where God placed him.

I learned from Bill Shanks' story how deep the depravity of our country goes on the abortion issue. I had never heard of the mold technique before and found it truly disgusting. Bills's story challenged me to examine my commitment to pro-life issues.

I also enjoyed reading about her interview with Michelle, a Jewish believer in Jesus. Michelle explains that, though the Messiah didn't bring the social political peace the Jewish culture expected, he brought an eternal peace between God and man that goes far deeper than politics.

The last poignant chapter covers her discussion with an atheist who thoughtfully and respectfully states his beliefs to her over coffee. Their mutual respect for each other (in spite of their difference of theology) is so complex and revealing.

Finding Faith in the City Care Forgot is an eloquent recording of philosophy and religion depicted in the real life examples of every day people whose paths miraculously crossed with this talented writer. This book wonderfully captures the message of faith to its readers.

You can order your copy of Finding Faith in the City Care Forgot on Amazon.

I am a member of the CWA Review Crew. I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for my fair and honest review.  You can read reviews of this book from other members of the CWA Review Crew here.

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