Monday, July 1, 2013

I Did Something Crazy!

If you didn't know, I purchased Christian Women Affiliate in February.

This was probably the biggest decision I've ever made short of having children. There is so much involved in running this company. I don't even think I could have comprehended all of it if I had tried. It's just a big task.

I'm still getting my rhythm and developing a rapport with CWA radio hosts, community members and reviewers. I wear a lot of hats and I'm juggling responsibilities and interests nonstop.

I learned a lot about the company, social media, writing, marketing, community and self-care from the former owner, Noelle Mena.  She is a fantastic mentor and a huge blessing to me. I think one of the greatest things she taught me was to set boundaries. This isn't something that comes natural for me. If I'm not careful this job could take over my life. With a dash of O.C.D and a heightened sense of responsibility I could easily become a slave to it without even trying. I have to intentionally set limits on my time and leave myself little windows to just be alone with God or nurture some of the other creative interests He has given me.

One day last month I woke up at 4:30 A.M. to get some work done. I popped over to Facebook to check the posts that had gone up on CWA's Public page while I was sleeping and after doing that I checked in on some friends. It seemed that there were prayer requests all over Facebook that day. I found myself praying almost nonstop throughout my day. However, in the midst of my prayer I kept feeling this tug at my heart to be silent. Surely it couldn't be God, I reasoned. With so many needs I had to do "spiritual warfare" and I didn't have the time to listen.  I put up a good fight before surrendering and asking God what he wanted so bad to tell me.

His message: Dream bigger.

What? Was He crazy? It was my dreaming that got me into this overloaded state of mind bouncing from task to task and monitoring a business and four children simultaneously.  Dreams meant risk and I had risked too much already.

Yet, He persisted. Each moment He spoke to my heart I felt more excited, more confident that as large as my dreaming had become He still had MORE for me.

He kept bringing my writing to mind, reminding me that it wasn't just some wish I had to be an author, but a divine calling that God himself had placed inside me.

I pulled out my manuscript, The Lemonade Stand, read through it and began to dream.

Then this crazy overloaded girl queried an agent.

The website for the agency warns that they only respond to those that interest them. If they don't respond within 30 days it's safe to assume they aren't interested. It's been 21 days. I'm still dreaming.

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  1. Yeah! praying and dreaming with you! I can't wait to read that book!!!!