Monday, July 1, 2013


We have all noticed the decline in our American culture. We sense the absence of a God fearing attitude and regret the lack of righteous leadership that would seek the will of God above the will of man. We are slipping from our claim to be a Judeo-Christian nation and blotting out God's presence in America. There is no denying it.

In Eradicate: Blotting Out God In America author, David Fiorazo, takes on the big issues of decline in our current civilization from the corruption of a Christian worldview to its effect on our government, education, media and even the unassuming believer.

Fiorazo tackles issues like abortion and homosexuality which the church has been afraid to confront. He also creates a wake up call for the church by exposing false teachers who have strayed from the Word.

He isn't afraid to take on pop culture icons like Oprah, Obama and Osteen either.

His book is a radical, daring expose of all that is wrong with our country, shining a spotlight on the areas where the church has grown quiet. After informing themselves on the state of this land, readers have some immediate soul searching to do. Information is only power when you act on what you know. This book is intended to stir action. 

Readers will find thorough research, exceptional references and shocking quotes all sited impeccably and easily verifiable. The facts cannot be ignored. It's time this generation rose up from its slumber and took the eraser back from the forces in power before they blot out God entirely.

You can purchase your copy of Eradicate: Blotting Out God In America on Amazon.

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