Monday, November 17, 2008

Salem Ridge

Glaucia the Greek Slave by Emma Leslie is a book that you will appreciate for many reasons:

*It provides a glimpse into the early beginnings of Christianity - essentially the book of Acts.
*It has information of Greek and Roman culture and what the gospel really meant to them.
*It shows the progression of people coming to Christ within that culture.
*It is excellently written and surprisingly readable considering the wording (i.e. thees and thous).
*It flowed. You could overlook the language of it and become soaked in the story.
*Vocabulary and locations are footnoted to increase knowledge and understanding.
*You will be hooked into this story.
This excellent book can be purchased at:

Cost: $24.99 (hardcover) or $14.99 (softcover).

You can read the first Chapter at

The White Seneca by William W. Canfield is the story of Henry Cochrane, a boy who lives for two years as a captive of the Seneca tribe. This book covers Colonial America 1774-1778.

It is another great story published by Salem Ridge Press!

Here is what you can expect from this wonderful historical fiction:

*Another well written, captivating story
*A real look into the culture and mindset of the Seneca tribe of the Iroquois nation
*It is fairly presented, presenting the Iroquois in an honest portrayal.
*It gives a look into the American Revolutionary period in History.
*Locations and current day changes are footnoted to give more historical understanding.

The White Seneca is very well researched and full of riveting facts and an engaging storyline.
This book is available in softcover only for $14.95.

You can read the first chapter at:

Salem Ridge Press will not leave you disappointed! They are an excellent company that my family will be visiting time ad time again.
* I was given these products free to review on behalf of The TOS Homeschool Crew, November 2008 

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