Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rime to Read

When I first visited the Rime to Read site, I wasn't all that impressed. I guess my adult eyes didn't get its value. The pictures seemed cute, but simple. Now, don't give up on me yet. Keep reading.
I was looking at it critically because one of my interests is in illustration for Children's books. I wanted more visually than what I was getting.
I started to think about it more and wondered how I would review this product. I have tons of books that I have purchased to teach my children to read. They are bright and colorful and you know what - as I thought about it more I realized that all of these flashy books never accomplished the task of teaching them to read.
My oldest daughter learned to read by sheer desire. She spent a nano second with Abeka primers and jumped into the real deal. Her first book was Frog and Toad are friends (a level 2 book). Her determination and strong-willed personality wouldn't allow her to take it slow.
My son has been a challange to teach. Reading has not come easy for him. He guesses at the words by memorizing the pictures. As I thought about my issues with Rime to Read I realized that they were the same reasons why it would work wonderfully for him.
I printed off some books and gave them to my son. He began by screaming "I HATE BOOKS, I'LL NEVER LEARN! I DON'T WANT TO LEARN."
After some deep breaths and some Mommy threats, he was sitting down again and he held the simple little book in his hands. He stared at the words and barely noticed the picture until the page was read. Did you catch that? He read the page!
He was so excited at his success that he read the next page, and continued until the book was completed! Then he read it again for his Dad, his sisters, his Grandma, and a neighbor!
My computer is inkless at this moment because he can't get enough!
Rime to Read opened up the world of reading for my son. It also taught me a very useful lesson on pre-judging what curriculum will work for my children.
I am so thankful for the chance to review this product!
The pictures are simple and the words are simple, but the doors they open are huge! Reading takes you places.
So . . .my review of Rime to Read has changed from start to finish.
Here is what you need to know about Rime to Read:
*Rime to Read offers 20 books that can be read on-line or copied and printed out.
*Instead of using phonemes to teach reading, this program uses rime patterns like at, cat, bat. This will simplify their learning because rimes are easier for a child to discriminate.
*The pictures are cute, but simple enough that the reader can focus on the words first and be rewarded with the picture after the page has been read.
*Your child will actually learn to read. Their confidence will soar and you will be a pleased customer!

Rime to Read books can be purchased in two ways. You can purchase them in sets of 4 for $9.99. Or you can buy all 20 for $44.99. It's a great value when you consider that they can be saved and read again a number of times. If tiny hands rip a book, just re-print your saved copy and it's fixed.

Rime to Read is great. Best of all, you don't have to take anyone's word for it . . .you can sample a book right now for free. Try before you buy at: http://www.rimetoread.com/
Check them out today.

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