Friday, November 28, 2008

And Then Mama Said. . . .It Takes Time To Learn To Read

And Then Mama Said. . . .It Takes Time To Learn To ReadA new softcover book by Gena Suarez and Illustrated by Kevin Collier available now for $9.95 at the Old Schoolhouse Store. Read on to find out more. . . .
Bliss Hollow is something less than blissful when Splish discovers that his friends can read and he can not. If you have a pre-reader or beginning reader in your home, they will surely relate to the encouraging story of Splish the frog.
Splish is a homeschooled frog who has the benefit of a very patient mother who encourages him with the truth that "it takes time to learn to read".
If his name sounds familiar it's likely that your children participated in the TOS summer reading program. Maybe your child is one that voted on his name. Children already have ownership of him and, if they haven't yet, they are certain to fall in love with this adorable frog.
Here is what you will find in this sweet new book Then Mama Said . . .It Takes Time To Learn To Read by Gena Suarez:
Splish is a homeschooled frog. A homeschooled character is always a nice thing to see.
There are character lessons in this story that will support Christian values and morals.
The Illustrations by Kevin Collier are colorful and engaging.
This story even contains a nice little lesson for parents about what is truly important (even more important than learning to read).
The story gently promotes the benefits of learning to read, without shaming the child who has trouble learning.
Along with the book there is an added bonus of a free downloadable Activity Guide that includes copywork pages,coloring pages, an alphabet maze and even science lessons. These allow you to extend your child's learning even farther and enjoy even more of Splish and his friends in Bliss Hollow.
TOS is confident that you are going to love this product. You can view a sample of the activity book at:
Also, if you ask, they will have your copy autographed!
This is just the beginning for Bliss Hollow so join in the fun now and don't miss out on Splish's adventures.

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