Sunday, March 1, 2009

Paving the Way

Pave The Way To Greener Pastures

Last year we did an entire unit study on Goats and we read several versions of The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff. Just to remind you of the story let me recap for you. Three Billy Goats see that the grass on the other side of the bridge is greener than the grass on their side. They start to cross the bridge, but a troll living under the bridge stops them. The rest of the story is about their tricky way of working together to trick the troll and get on the other side.

Sometimes, as parents, we can get a little troll-like. Sometimes we unintentionally stop or hinder our children as they follow their interests. Maybe it’s because we don’t share their interest, maybe we don’t understand it, maybe we want to go in another direction entirely or maybe their interests scare us a little.

As a kid I always knew I wanted to write. My Mom understood my dream because she had wanted to be an artist as a child. Trolls had convinced her that she was no good and she determined not to be a troll in my life. Other members of my family did not understand it though. They played the roll of troll and attempted to convince me that writing would not provide me with a good solid financial future. Their opinion didn’t stop me from my greener pastures. I would have trampled them for it if I had to.

My oldest daughter is 7 and she has already been called to be a missionary to India. She has a passion for the people that I can’t explain as anything other than God. But I’m afraid. I want to block the bridge and steer her in a different direction. India isn’t the safest place you know. I want to keep her where the grass isn’t as crisp. I want to play the troll.

God never played the roll of troll with us. He’s given us free will to choose where we go even if the grass we think is greener is infested with grubs. He doesn’t stand in the way, He leads us across the bridge toward greener pastures.

Psalm 23:2-3 (NLT) “ He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams. He renews my strength, He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his name.”

Don’t block your children, lead them. They will bring honor to your name.

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