Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Huff and Puff

I’ll Huff and I’ll puff . . . . 

Remember The Three Little Pigs? It’s a favorite story in my home. The three little pigs each build their own home. Each style and the materials they used are different. They all apply different levels of effort. We have all seen the lesson in that. Work hard. Don’t be lazy.
Instead, look from a different angle. None of the pigs just sat there. They all created something, and at the end they were all proud of their accomplishment whether it produced a house of straw or of bricks.

Then along comes the wolf and all he cares about is his desire to fill his appetite. With a huff and a puff he destroys all of their work and sends them running.

I have been the Big Bad Wolf to my children at times. I’ve caught Nevie coloring on walls and just huffed and puffed her right out of her security. I’ve complained at Sadie’s messes and the imperfect timing of them. I know that every time I loose it because my children aren’t filling my needs, I affect the shelter that my love can provide. They will run to each other or toward my strong-willed oldest child (the brick house). They will challenge me and I have a choice to make. We have power as parents to destroy our children’s esteem with a simple sigh. It is so much power and so much responsibility.
I’d rather be like Jesus than like this crazy, hungry, wolf.
Psalm 30:5A (NLT) says “His anger lasts for a moment, but His favor lasts a lifetime. . .” 
When Nevie was two she climbed up on my counter and opened a honey jar. She covered herself in honey, hair and all. Then she began to paint the wall with it and that's when I discovered her. At first all I saw was the mess and the work her trouble would cost me. I started huff and puff and ordered her to stop. Then she looked up with this completely clueless expression. She was simply having fun. Suddenly my anger was replaced with laughter and I attacked her cleanup with love and patience.
Moms, Let your anger last for a moment and your favor last forever. Leave the huffing to the wolves.

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