Monday, March 22, 2010

Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are

Start Here Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are  by Alex and Brett Harris reads like a manual for their previous book, Do Hard Things.  Where the first book inspires teens to be more than society expects, Start Here continues the talk by examining ways to start doing hard things.  The book discusses some of the hurdles that one may face to get an idea going.
I was astounded and blessed by the wisdom that these young men share.
I’m no teenager, (I’m 30 in fact!), yet this book has inspired and convicted me.  Their cautions on pride really stepped on my toes.  I think fear of being wrongly proud has actually held me back in some of the hard things I’ve tried to do.  Now they have equipped me with a safeguard for my heart by examining and explaining how to handle pride when it rises up in you.
I was also very impressed with their views on the difference between business and fruitfulness.  Wow was I ever convicted!
What makes this book especially cool is that Alex and Brett share real life stories of teens that have taken the concept to Do Hard Things and applied it in their lives.  From these stories Alex and Brett build their foundation for Start Here
Readers will find practical advice, timely wisdom, a list of 100 suggestions of hard things to try, discussions for deeper study of each chapter, and a greater motivation to stay faithful to their God-given callings.
Start Here is an excellent book for teens, or anyone taking the mission to go deeper with God and do the things he calls them to with excellence.
Awesome book!  Check it out here.
*This book was provide for review by WaterBrook Multnomah.

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