Sunday, March 28, 2010

What’s In The Bible?

A new video series has hit the market this month.  Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales is pumped up about the new message of his series that centers on biblical theology presented at a child-friendly level.  The concept of What’s In The Bible? was God-driven.  It’s evidence that God is patient and He works things together for our good.
Check out Phil Vischer’s testimony about What’s In The Bible? and catch his vision to see a true understanding of the bible develop in the hearts and minds of children.
My family recently had the privilege of viewing an advanced copy of episodes 1 and 2.  Each of the episode combat  the educational problems of teaching the Bible in a format that pushes children to go deeper, while respecting the attention span of young children.
What can you expect from What’s In The Bible?
Adorable puppet characters tackle heavy questions like “What is the Bible?” “What’s it about?” and “Why should I care?”
You’ll meet quirky characters like Buck Denver the “Man of news”.  Buck Denver is the Anchor Man for Jelly News.  He has a wonderful segment titled Big Questions With Buck Denver.  In the segment he presents a montage of kid’s responses to tough questions.  I always enjoy the simple poignancy of a child’s answers.
Along with Buck Denver, children will meet Chuck Wagon.  He is a blue puppet from the Bible Belt who strums his guitar and explains the Bible in song.
Also, meet the Sunday School Lady.  She is a “professional” Sunday school teacher who travels with her magic flannel graph.  I love her!  She’s hilarious and a great throw back to the old school kid’s church.
Ian and Clive are twin explorer/ safari puppets that add humor, distract a little with silly elements, and ask just the right questions to keep kids focused.
Dr. Schniffenhousen is a scientist who looks at the surface of things while the Sunday School Lady jumps in and dives deeper.
Captain Pete the Pirate leads children through the history of the church.  He’s very informative.
Pastor Paul the puppet is on hand to answer some tricky questions.
Brother Louie is a jazzy theologian who loves scat.  He’s so cute!
Michael, Agnus, and Winnifred are peripheral characters that are viewing the show and making little comments along the way.  Michael is a little boy puppet who is a  passenger in his mom’s minivan watching the DVDs on a tv screen on his way to Grandma’s.  Agnus is a cynical old lady in pearls who is hanging out at home with her friend, Winnifred waiting for American Idol to come on.
The characters of What’s in the Bible each have funny and  engaging personalities that children are sure to love.
Children will learn about  how the Bible is made.  They’ll learn about the 66 books of the Bible using over 40 authors written over 1600 years.  The explanations of the Septuagint, Apocrypha and the differences between the Catholic and Protestant Bibles are handled in a very fair and neutral historical perspective.
Great questions are asked about what the bible is all about.
In Episode 1: In the Beginning children will learn how to listen to God’s voice and not others.  It covers creation and Genesis while explaining sin and how to avoid it.
Episode 2: Let My People Go! covers the topics of salvation, and redemption.  This episode also debunks some of the confusing myths about the bible presented in the DaVinci Code and other fictional accounts.   The plan of God’s rescue from our sin is laid out within the stories of the patriarchs.
I highly recommend What’s In The Bible? Phil Vischer is extraordinarily gifted at presenting the gospel to children.  Great job Phil!  Just stay away from the sew at home fabrics. ;)
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