Friday, July 31, 2009

What He Must Be

Are you prepared for that day when a young man sweeps your daughter off her feet?  What will you say when faced with the question of giving your daughter’s hand in marriage?  What does he need to be . . .if he wants to marry your daughter? 
Honestly, as a mommy, I’d rather not think (at all) about the day that any of my four children will approach a conversation on marriage.  I’d like to stick my head in the sand and pretend that day is a million years from now.
If you’re honest you’ll agree to feeling this way yourself.
The marriage of our daughters is a very important topic though.  It’s worth our time to evaluate our expectations for a future son-in-law and be in prayer that God will send the right man at the right time.
Voddie Baucham addresses how to do this in his book What He Must Be . . .if he wants to marry my daughter.  His book will provide a list of qualities that will allow you to determine if a man if worthy and capable of  leading and loving your daughter for the rest of her life.
This is more than just a parenting book though.  This is wisdom and instruction for men to step it up and be worthy of the wives they’ve pledged their love to.  What He Must Be . . . if he wants to marry my daughter is manly guidance to Dads to set the example for what their daughters should look for in a man.
Baucham holds to a biblical view, and not a cultural view.  He even follows that biblical view to the point of challenging his own beliefs of what a husband looks like.  His commitment to what the word says is unwavering and admirable.
What He Must Be . . .if he wants to marry my daughter is  encouragement and instruction for parents.  It is a push toward a biblically-defined family.  What He Must Be. . .if he wants to marry my daughter provides wisdom for finding your daughter a God-ordained husband, inspiration for fathers and a checklist for raising a godly son. 
I’ll probably never get this book back from my husband.   He has also already read and claimed this book (and even made a spot for it on his book shelf).
You can read an excerpt of ch. 1 here.
Order What He Must Be . . .if he wants to marry my daughter at Crossway
Voddie Baucham Jr. is the Pastor of Grace Family Baptist Church in Texas and he has a respected ministry supporting biblical manhood.  If this book impacts you, be sure to check out the author’s ministry site to listen to four of his powerful sermons.
Also be sure to check out other great offerings from Crossway at the Crossway blog.
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