Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Silver Sword

The Silver Sword was a truly engaging story with genuine history tangled into the plot. 
When a Professor of Medieval European History intrudes on  Kathleen O’Connor’s study time, she isn’t too thrilled.  However, his elaborate story of  an Irish princess and her final dying words captures Kathleen’s interest.  Her growing interest  quickly becomes a quest for validation of the story and her possible connection to it.
Since Cahira’s death, four women have been born with similar traits of piebald-ism and a fiery disposition.  With each woman’s story spread out by 200 years, Kathleen wonders if she might be the next one to carry the legacy of Cahira O’Connor.
The Silver Sword is the first book in The Heirs of Cahira O’Connor series and it centers around Anika of Prague.  Anika is the first decedent of Cahira’s in two hundred years to have the distinguishing appearance of piebald-ism.   Her story takes place in the fifteenth century and covers the Hussite Crusades.
The author, Angela Elwell Hunt, is truly committed to the historic element of the story and writes so well that you’d swear you had traveled through time.  Her descriptions are packed with authentic details that are truly wonderful.
I really enjoyed the story and the layout of the plot.  I’ll be looking for the rest of this series for sure.
As a bonus, I also learned a bit of factual information regarding John Hus, Baldasarre Cossa, and the life of a knight. 
Angela Elwell Hunt really studied her history when creating The Silver Sword.   Her hard work paid off and produced an excellent work of historic fiction. 
Next time you visit your book store, keep your eyes pealed for the series.  You’ll want to read them all.

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