Friday, August 16, 2013

Christian Marriage Book Bundle Launches August 19th!, 5 eBooks for $7.40!

Are you working on improving your marriage? If so, you don't miss this amazing deal! 

This bundle features 5 Great Christian Marriage books, written with a Christian viewpoint and designed to spice up your marriage, for just $7.40!

Included in this bundle are:

1. The Wife Life by Marla Taviano (kindle version valued at $2.99).

The Wife Life description:

Other people's marriages look perfect. Yours doesn't. And you've only been married 27 days!

For years, you dreamed about meeting Mr. Right, and finally you found him. Next came romantic dates, then a beautiful wedding, and now…reality!

Is married life a little different than you thought it would be--or maybe a lot different? Do you wonder if something is wrong, if other people feel the same way about their new marriages? Are you sometimes intimidated by wives who seem to have it all together?

Marla Taviano has been there. She knows what it's like to adjust from unrealistic expectations to real life. With tons of humor and the sensitivity of someone who's been in your shoes, she offers hope and encouragement.

Relax. You're not alone.

2. 31 Days to Great Sex by Sheila Ray Gregoire (kindle version valued at $4.99)

31 Days to Great Sex description:

These 31 days of readings and challenges will help married couples rebuild intimacy, rediscover fun, and achieve great fireworks.

The first few days are devoted to seeing sex in a positive way, and talking through your baggage and insecurities. Then we spend a few days on building emotional intimacy (your friendship), a few days on building physical intimacy (the fireworks, making sex feel wonderful!), a few days on spiritual intimacy (the oneness), and a few days putting habits in place so that you can keep the momentum going once you're done.

Sex is so important in a marriage, and yet often we lose hope. It becomes blah. We wonder if we can ever recapture that spark--or if we can ever light that spark in the first place.

This series takes you step by step in the process of building a fun and intimate sex life. It doesn't only focus on the mechanics of sex--though there certainly are posts that will help you in that department. It also focuses on building friendship, experiencing real intimacy, and learning to have fun again, just the way God intended.

Any two bodies can work together sexually. When we have problems in the bedroom, it's often not because of our bodies. It's usually because we aren't communicating well, or we feel distant from each other, or we're just nervous. The big benefit of this 31 days is that you'll actually TALK and communicate about this important part of your life. Talking about it is difficult to do, but the prompts and the posts make it much easier. That's often when breakthroughs happen!

Who will benefit from this book?

Newlyweds who want to start off well!
Couples for whom life has become blah and too routine
Couples who have almost given up hope that sex can become great
Couples in conflict because one spouse wants sex more frequently than the other

In other words--just about every married couple. It doesn't matter where you are in your marriage, the 31 Days to Great Sex will help you talk about sex more, think about intimacy more, and feel much closer together.

3. Rekindling Romance

4. The Irresistible Husband by Jason Gratehouse (Kindle version valued at $4.99)

The Irresistible Husband description:
Are you ready to restore the passion back into your marriage? In The Irresistible Husband, you will learn time-honored, Biblical principles for doing so – straight from the lips of Jesus. You will also learn three essential keys to winning your wife’s heart, the importance of pursuing her, the art of chivalry, how to put the “sizzle” back into your marriage, and so much more.

The Irresistible Husband was written to help every husband live up to his potential to be irresistible to his wife. This book is simple, practical and easy-to-read, and if you will learn the principles within it, they will help you have the marriage that you and your wife have always dreamed of. If your marriage has reached a plateau, or is even in a state of decline, this book could be the spark to rekindle the flame.

Be the husband that she simply can’t resist!

5. Romance on A Budget

 The Christian Marriage Bundle goes live on Monday (August 19th) at 8 am EST, 
and will stay live until the following Monday (August 26th). 

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I am a member of the BundleoftheWeek affiliate program. Their site is owned by Christians and only bundles great, wholesome books at bargain prices. If you purchase through my links I will be compensated monetarily. You will benefit intellectually through the value and content of each book purchased. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. 

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