Sunday, June 9, 2013

Twisted Wolf

In Perry Perrett' s novel Twisted Wolf, readers are introduced to Josh Davis - a wounded army Lieutenant with a somewhat ordinary life who, in a miraculous turn of events, becomes President of the United states.

His story is a modern-day David story complete with the best friend blazing a trail of opportunity and a prophetic man who encourages him to balance his blessings with humility.

When pride gets a hold of his life the consequences are devastating. The reader is caught up in the drama of Josh's poor choices and watching to see what becomes of his life as a result.

The beginning of this book was riveting as Josh is out hunting and attacked by a bear. He later wakes up in a hospital bed afraid of how the brutal bear attack will impact his military career.

As the story takes shape the parallels to the biblical story of David becomes much more visible.  At this point the story sort of switches from being active to more passive with the author telling more than showing the events.

At points the story feels narrated and dialogue is infrequent. Stick with it to the end for a redemptive and hope-filled conclusion.

I think Twisted Wolf is a good first novel from Perry Perrett. I enjoyed his early characterization of Josh Davis and his fast paced writing style. His early chapters alone prove his knack for intensity and action in his fiction.

Overall I enjoyed this book.

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