Friday, September 14, 2012

Ramblings from the Shower

Ramblings from the Shower sounds like a kind of flaky title that doesn’t really come close to giving Faye Bryant the full credit she deserves.  So much more than “ramblings”, Faye’s wisdom and friendly dialogue make this a book you’ll be eager to share. It’s a comprehensive devotional collection that will touch the heart of the reader and motivate reflection and a closer walk with God.
When I take a shower I usually catch myself humming something crazy like Singing in the Rain or Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Faye’s shower time goes so much deeper. The shower is her time to quietly muse about the things of God. The discussions she has with herself and the Lord during these times are profound and she is generous to share that private time in a very candid fashion with her readers.
I love this book! I love her voice and the realism she conveys.  Certain topics spoke louder to me than others, but I think this will be extremely personal for each reader as the holy spirit highlights the messages they need most. 
For me it was an early chapter that first gripped me. She writes about when she was thinking about pedestals. She quickly remembers an event with a pastor’s wife who was overwhelmed by the challenges and work of operating under the expectations of others as well as the crazy high standards she had in turn placed on herself. Faye spoke reason and peace into the pastor’s wife so desperate to please. She recognizes the fear and emotion of such high expectations and touches on a very needed splash of grace. As a former pastor’s wife I was deeply blessed to know that someone outside of that life could see the struggles these women face and reach out in love. 
There was so much insight packed in this simple little book that I could hardly put it down. 
You won’t find sudsy philosophy or washed up religion in the pages of Ramblings from the Shower. You’ll find honesty, truth and a clean picture of the one who can wash you whiter than snow.
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