Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Read and Share Toddler Bible

With The Read and Share Toddler Bible you can enjoy several classic bible stories from both the Old and New Testaments.  Activity ideas are found inside Parent bubbles in each stories.  Suggestions might include discussing “no-no’s” at your house to cover disobedience and bring the sin of Adam and Eve to their level or something similar.  The activity’s center around parent guidance and don’t really require a lot of preparation or time investment.  This together time can really bring the stories to life though and it’s a wonderful feature.  
The stories in the Read and Share Toddler Bible are very sweet and age appropriate, but it’s the picture I can’t take my eyes off of.  I love the illustrations in this adorable toddler Bible.
This book also includes the 60 minute animated DVD that coincides with the book.
For $14.99 this is a really exceptional value.
You can see a sample and get a feel for the Read and Share Toddler Bible with this free online flip book.
Go here to order the book on sale for $10.99!

* I was given this product free to review on behalf of Thomas Nelson, October 2009 

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