Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love and War

Together, John and Stasi Elridge wrote an honest and brave depiction of Marriage.  Love and War is a unique look at marriage from the perspectives of the husband and the wife.  The authors share with the reader the challenges of marriage that they faced and they cleverly use their experiences to tie in biblical truths.
John and Stasi teach readers how to discern that there is an enemy that strives to stop love in all its forms.  They explain how to handle differences and accept our styles of relating.  They encourage readers to know their spouse’s life story with the goal of better understanding their spouse’s personality and to help explain their spouse’s reactions.  They explain their path to healing hurts of the past and becoming vulnerable and open.  This healing task allows for a deeper relationship and makes room for our genuine honesty, where we are how God designed us and not the people we hoped to reshape.  Love and War tackles issues like expectations and the pressures that we place on our marriage.    Readers learn to fight for their marriage.  Yes it’s hard, but it’s worth it.
Love and War is a book you’ll want to read, think about, and discuss as a couple.  The transparency in Love and War is refreshing and insightful
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Happy reading!
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