Friday, April 17, 2009

Uncompromised Faith

S. Michael Craven is an author who identifies himself as a speaker who “works to challenge the spiritual apathy and cultural indifference of the church. . .”  In his book, Uncompromised Faith Overcoming Our Culturalized Christianity, He does exactly that through his intense look at our cultural decline that has lead us progressively farther away from God.
Readers will be convinced of the need to step up and be the people of God above being people of religion.  They will learn through Craven’s research and statistics the severe state that the American church is in.  They’ll be stirred up and angry, and different as a result.

Craven addresses issues in a thorough manner.  His book is an excellent call to action among Christians to produce true faith that isn’t laced with idolatry, post modernistic polluted views of God, or sin-tolerant complacency.  He encourages Christians to be the real deal.
Craven doesn’t just encourage Christians to stand against sin, but to reach out in love and compassion to the sinner.  This is such a refreshing view.  Craven in no way bends to the culture, but he loves the people as Christ did and doesn’t shut the door to their potential salvation with a jaded hypocrisy that can turn a heart away from God quickly.  Christians can learn and grow from his Godly example of balance as he hates sin and lovesthe sinner.  This book will challenge you to represent God intelligently, and in a way that is true and pleasing to God.
You can find Uncompromised Faith here.

* I was given this product free to review on behalf of NavPress, April 2009 

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